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Patient Process

  • Scheduling and Paperwork:
    • Please contact our practice via phone when you are ready to schedule your initial consult. We will set you up on our Patient Portal, where you will fill out the Health Questionnaire, which is an in-depth series of questionnaires regarding your health history and goals.
  • Initial Consult
    • The Initial Consultation is approximately 1 hour long and can be performed virtually by phone or video conference.
    • The cost is $295 and we do not accept any insurance or payment plans, and all payments are due on the date of service. This amount only covers only the appointment, and does not cover any supplements or labs that might be recommended. The exact cost of these will be available at the appointment.
    • During the initial consultation Dr. Leu will use information from the Health Questionnaire and from discussions with the client to determine the appropriate diagnostic tests.
  • Initial Testing
    • Dr. Leu uses laboratory testing to scientifically determine the causative factors behind the client's health symptoms.
    • All samples are collected either in take home test kits, or at the collection centers of national laboratory testing companies that we have accounts with.
    • The cost of these tests range greatly, however we have found the typical patient will spend around $200 for the initial testing. Dr. Leu prioritizes and recommends tests based on individual client needs in order to minimize cost to you.
  • Report of Findings Consultation
    • Once the test results are in, our practice will contact you to set up a report of findings consultation where Dr. Leu will interpret your lab reports and prepare a common sense wellness plan for you. We will schedule anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour, and all follow-ups are charged based on a $295 hourly rate, with a 10 minute, $49.50 minimum.
  • Treatment, Retesting, and Follow-up
    • Dr. Leu uses the highest quality supplements and some prescriptions as treatment. All recommended supplements will be available on our website for purchase for your convenience. You are not limited to purchasing supplements from our website, however it does make the treatment process smoother since Dr. Leu has personally selected each supplement based on quality and ingredients
    • Often follow up testing will need to be performed to assess effectiveness of treatment. Follow-up consults will be scheduled based on your individual needs.
    • We do not practice emergency medicine, and often appointments are booked multiple weeks in advanced. Dr. Leu will do his best to answer questions through our office staff in between appointments. More complex questions will often require an appointment with Dr. Leu to be answered.